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Shiraz Mahmood

Karachi [Pakistani]


A love and passion for music that had been brewing since 2005, pursued with more seriousness 16 years later and with the release of the first fully completed original english track; ‘War and Peace’ coming out in April 2021. I first started my love affair with music with the drums. However I soon realised that was not meant to be for two main reasons – I couldn’t cut it as a drummer being that another instrument would be needed in life as support. Drums on their own I couldn’t do so much. Second – they were just too damn loud and I am sure somewhere down the line I would have alienated my family! Kidding 🙂 – they were always were supportive! Then came the Guitar. I instantly took to it. I loved it. And back in my college / university days it was awesome – we used to jam around campus and at home and other places. But then life took over, and the guitar sort of went in the background as a once in a while thing I used to do. But post 2019 I have slowly made my way back to pursuing this passion more seriously. Acoustic guitar player, singer-songwriter and enthusiastic about all things soul and spirit. My compositions include instrumentals as well as english and urdu songs


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